CarlsonCast Aug13--6am hour

Three new red-light cameras, like this one, are now active in Kent WA. Three more red light cameras will also fine perpetrators up to $136{ } when they go on-line in September.{ } (KOMO News Photo)

6am hour -- red light cameras begin in Kent WA, a variety of concerns with red light cams and why the politicians who install them never have the courage to ask for a public vote to approve them, Seattle enviro protesters freak out on city police after a 13 year-old activist is arrested for vandalizing city hall, the teen's claim about why she didn't know what she was doing per the vandalism, a new Democratic candidate qualifies for next round of Presidential debates, Olympia Congressman Denny Heck's heck of an audio clip, GUEST: Center for Immigration Studies, Jessica Vaughn, responds to the Rep. Denny Heck acerbic comment, KVI's Lars Larson gives his thesis for why he thinks accused pedophile/sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

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