CarlsonCast Aug29--8am hour

A new published report details how Gov. Jay Inslee scratched out 12 words in a transportation spending bill that he didn't like and then signed the newly changed bill into law. KVI's John Carlson and WPC government reform director, Jason Mercier, discuss the legalities of Inslee's 'veto' and how this could end up being heard in the Supreme Court of Washington. (AP file photo/Elaine Thompson)

8am hour GUEST: WPC's Jason Mercier has been monitoring this emerging controversy involving Gov. Jay Inslee's decision to eliminate a 12-word sentence from a transportation bill he didn't like before officially signing it, the major precedent Inslee's one line veto could set if it gets to the state Supreme Court, also the latest twist in the legal appeal by Seattle to defend an income tax, Joe Biden's latest umbrella comment about racism and white men, how to improve the prospects for Republican election victories across WA, BREAKING: 6.3 earthquake off the coast of Bandon OR earlier this hour, Biden's racism stereotype, Snohomish County reduces the carbon footprint of obtaining a concealed pistol permit,

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