CarlsonCast Aug30--6am hour

KVI's John Carlson talks about the general dishonesty regarding the border security and immigration debate that he and a Republican U.S. Senator from Louisiana both see. File photo of Pres. Trump April 5, 2019 photo (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin).

6am hour -- Burien's liberal city council is moving to fix homeless problems, an outspoken Louisiana Senator asks Democrats to be honest about their open borders intentions, Trump tees off on James Comey after damning report about his investigative behavior, KC Chief player tackles shirtless guy running on field during exhibition game

GUEST: former KOMO News reporter, now with ABC News, Pete Combs, tracking the path and preparation for Hurricane Dorian on the east Florida coast, how drivers bought gas for 28-cents a gallon, how Democrats use racism claims as a wedge issue, Seattle now being sued by a Portland couple who were beaten by a man with a baseball bat, the couple saying Seattle didn't do enough to keep a dangerous offender off the streets

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