CarlsonCast Aug30--8am hour

Burien city sign per sanctuary city vote KOMO5.jpg
Homelessness in Burien WA has improved after a collaborative effort spearheaded by a business owner coordinating with other business and city leaders to address chronic problems. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: political news columnist and documentary filmmaker in Seattle, Chris Rufo, his story earlier this week about fixing homelessness problems in Burien, how business owners and city leaders forged a better plan to reduce homelessness, responding to critics of the plan that was used in Burien, GUEST: KOMO Sports 'Man on Campus' at UW and host of Thursday Night Dog House, Bill Swartz, previews a new starting QB and tomorrow's lid-lifter football game for 2019, another Biden oopsie involving the story of an Afghanistan War veteran, a donut interruption in the middle of the show, a Republican US Senator gets real about Democrats and open borders, an NCAA athlete switching genders in Montana will now run against women.

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