CarlsonCast Dec2--6am hour

Seattle homeless sweeps notice sign KOMO d.jpg
The CBS program "60 Minutes" just profiled Seattle's homeless problem but KVI's John Carlson says the report omitted a lot of important information about the cause of homelessness. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

6am hour -- 60 Minutes claims Seattle's homeless problem is due to rising real estate prices, the first sign that the 60 Minutes story was bogus, a KOMO story this weekend shows what 60 Minutes missed about Seattle's homeless problems, Trump re-installs tariffs on Brazil and Argentina after they devalue their currency, gun control supporters in NYC are panicking over US Supreme Court review of city law, Kamala Harris campaign staff quits to join Michael Bloomberg's staff, Joe Biden's puzzling campaign event comment about kids rubbing his leg hair when he was a lifeguard as a teen.

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