CarlsonCast Dec2--8am hour

FBI attorney Lisa Page, who was caught exchanging tweets about blocking the election of Donald Trump and also had an affair with fellow FBI agent Peter Strzok, is voicing her criticism about Pres. Trump in a new interview with the Daily Beast political website. (photo: WJLA News)

8am hour -- 60 Minutes gives lopsided portrayal of Seattle homelessness, 60 Minutes doesn't seem interested in the real nexus of Seattle homelessness, FBI attorney Lisa Page of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page fame is complaining about Trump's portrayal of her, a wooden relic from what could be Jesus manger has been sent back to Bethlehem by Pope Francis, US Supreme Court is hearing challenge to NYC gun control law and it seems likely the Supremes will strike down the over-reaching city law when they rule next year.

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