CarlsonCast Dec20--7am hour

I-1631 tail pipe carbon fuel emissions AP107.jpg
The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is hinting they'll impose a 'clean fuel standard' which would raise the price of gas by 57-cents a gallon over several year in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.{ } (Hendrik Schmidt/dpa via AP)

7am hour -- JUST IN: Sound Transit reduces car tab rate/calculations, GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers, so what--exactly--is a "clean fuel standard"? Myers says this is one of the least productive ways to reduce carbon emissions, latest King County mass transit ridership figures show that pro-transit politicians can't deliver what they promise, GUEST: economist Steve Moore talks about the new China trade deal and...

... a Joe Biden debate moment last night regarding blue collar jobs at the expense of the 'green economy', GUEST; Sharyl Attkisson previews a powerful story about Mexican drug cartels enlisting children/juveniles to traffic drugs.

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