CarlsonCast Dec31--7am hour

U.S. soldiers fire tear gas towards protesters who broke into the U.S. embassy compound, in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

7am hour -- attack on US embassy inside the Baghdad Green Zone is prompting comparisons to 1979 in Tehran, anti-Semitic attacks in NY are up 23% in 2019, reports that the Seattle DOT is under federal subpeona as part of a criminal inquiry, the subpoenas all relate to contracts on six different projects including the Seattle street car and the Seattle seawall, how federal grant money was used by Seattle transportation bureaucrats, police officer admits the anti-cop message on his McDonalds coffee cup was a hoax and resigns,.

John Carlson expands his harmonica playing repertoire, tonight's Seattle Space Needle fireworks might be canceled due to high winds which prompts some stories about the first NYE Space Needle event to kick off 1992, the anti-Semitic background of Hanukkah gathering attack suspect--Thomas Grafton--in Monsey NY, failed political predictions of 2019, a notable KVI listener sends John Carlson a series of Christmas gifts.

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