CarlsonCast Feb10--7am hour

The Seattle City Council is scheduled to vote Monday Feb. 10th, 2020 on legislation meant to halt residential evictions during the coldest, wettest months of the year. The eviction ban is supported by city council woman Kshama Sawant, pictured here in a file photo. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is warning against the ban. (Photo: Genna Martin,

7am hour -- an ex-con on parole attempted two assassinations of NYC police officers over the weekend, the NYC cop attempted murders has similarities to the local case in Lakewood where Maurice Clemmons killed four city police officers, Speaker Pelosi tearing up Trump's SOTU speech and what Mitt Romney said, Trump expected to release 2021 budget today and the budget deficit involved prompts a warning from Carlson about the lack of fiscal conservatism in both political parties, RIP Robert Conrad who was a veteran TV actor (and an ardent Ronald Reagan supporter), Democrats nervous about Bernie Sanders' socialism and Pete Buttigieg's inexperience are leaning toward Michael Bloomberg, the obvious flaw in the Seattle city council (Kshama Sawant) plan to illegalize any rental evictions in winter months.

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