CarlsonCast Feb10--8am hour

ST3 Steep Taxes sign.png
KVI's John Carlson warns voters about tomorrow's upcoming special election mail in ballot. (graphic: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- special election tomorrow in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties and Carlson recommends voting 'no' on all levy/bond measures for schools and parks because politicians are relying too much on property tax increases right now, Carlson says owners and renters "have been fleeced" with property tax increases in the last decade.

If Republicans can take back the US House via the November 2020 election should they push to expunge the impeachment of Trump? Join John Carlson this Saturday in Kirkland for a charity 5K run/walk along the water front of Lake Washington, recap of the political and semi-political moments at last night's Academy Awards show including some monologue joke zingers, how Biden continues to be his own worst enemy.

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