CarlsonCast Feb11--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson talks about today's special election for some school districts (like Edmonds, Bellevue and Tacoma) and why politicians are becoming too reliant on property taxes. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- KVI's Lars Larson starts the hour talking about the Trump Administration suing King County over its Sanctuary policy law protecting illegal aliens, the bogus argument State Democrats made about property tax levies for public school funding, why this change on property taxes is prompting Carlson to urge all voters to vote down these levies (for schools, parks, etc.) until tax reform is made, one 2020 Presidential candidate promises to raise the minimum wage to $22 an hour, lawsuit filed against Houston Astros over recent sign stealing scandal has some fascinating merit to punish the players monetarily (since MLB won't overturn the World Series the team won while stealing signs), a musical hit from the 1960s on this day in history to start the segment, why left-wing trolls are the ones prone to violent and vindictive social media posts about conservative political figures they despise, why is 2020 candidate Amy Klobuchar gaining ground in the Democratic field but Tulsi Gabbard is not?

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