CarlsonCast Feb12--6am hour

2020 Presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) finishes a strong 3rd place in the New Hampshire primary forcing some serious soul searching for fellow competitors like former VP Joe Biden and U.S. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). KVI's John Carlson digs into several other story lines from last night's primary vote on this hour of his show. (photo: AP)

6am hour -- Bad news for Elizabeth Warren in New Hampshire, she finished 4th next door to her home state, surprise: MSNBC reporter doesn't expect the response she gets from a New Hampshire primary voter when she asks him a question during a live report. why last night's vote shows that New Hampshire could be won by Trump in November, Trump tees off on Democratic candidate Tom Steyer after his poor showing in New Hampshire, New Hampshire primary analysis from the political sage known as Sweet Meteor of Death:

GUEST: veteran TV reporter and political observer Julie Blacklow, the gay issue in 2020 Presidential election compared to the black issue for Barack Obama in 2008, Amy Klobuchar's ascent in New Hampshire, Klobuchar's outspoken comment warning about a socialist leading the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket, Joe Biden has run for president 4 times and still has yet to win a state caucus or primary.

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