CarlsonCast Feb13--6am hour

KVI's John Carlson and a listener raise some pertinent concerns about the current global Corona virus infection outbreak and whether or not government run health care is helping or hurting the problems. (AP File Photo in Hong Kong)

6am hour -- news from China about Corona virus (Corvid 19) infection/death stats is not good and underscores concerns that China is not being forthright about how extensive the disease is hitting, Bernie Sanders vs. Clinton ally James Carville, where Biden voters are likely to go if his campaign continues to stall, are all the American supporters of 'single payer/Universal/gov't run health care' paying attention to what's happening in China with the Coronavirus/Corvid 19 deaths and infections?

Michael Bloomberg vows to never tweet if he's elected president which leads to some punchlines about his promise, $30 car tabs ruling in favor of WA voters, how Sound Transit could have avoided this court ruling that their surrogates just lost, a Seattle repeat criminal with over 100 convictions is sentenced to 6 months jail for assaulting a Ballard bar owner.

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