CarlsonCast Feb4--6am hour

Iowa caucus chaos PIXLR.jpg
Iowa Democrats totally brick the party's caucus results, officially starting the 2020 campaign in unprecedented fashion. (photo: KOMO screen grab)

6am hour -- Iowa caucus results delayed due to flaws with computer app that was supposed to transmit results, irony of the Democrats being unable to conclude the Iowa caucus with voter results, Rush Limbaugh announces he's stricken with lung cancer, how Rush Limbaugh originally aired his syndicated show on KVI in the early 1990s,

This tweet sums up just about everything from the Iowa caucus last night...

GUEST: former KING 5 reporter, author, Julie Blacklow talks about the media coverage of the Iowa caucus confusion, in absence of caucus results all the candidates seemed to declare their voter success last night, will the failure to report Iowa caucus results turn in to a plot to limit Bernie Sanders success in Iowa? A new poll on the satisfaction of race relations in America.

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