CarlsonCast Feb4--7am hour

Iowa caucus chaos Biden PIXLR.jpg
Team Biden is not happy about the failure of Iowa Democrat Party officials to completely report caucus results to officially kick-off the 2020 Presidential campaign. KVI's John Carlson and his guest, National Review columnist John Fund, assess the damage done in Iowa. (photo: KOMO News screen grab)

7am hour -- GUEST: National Review columnist John Fund analyzes what's known so far about the Iowa caucus results reporting fiasco, Fund also talks about his professional and personal friendship with talk show Rush Limbaugh,how Limbaugh is different off the mic than he is on the mic, how Limbaugh's syndication gamble paid off.

Iowa Democrats Party releases statement about their delay in posting any caucus results,

the bigger issue in Iowa is the size of voter turn out rather than the delay in reporting caucus results for the candidates, a south King County mother comes forward with her story about her teen son being right next to the 50-year-old woman shot and killed at 3rd & Pine nearly 2 weeks ago, the mother's screed focuses on the Seattle officials who have allowed Seattle to be a haven for repeat criminals, KVI callers sound off on the Seattle crime and repeat criminals problem.

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