CarlsonCast Feb4--8am hour

Kansas City Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid, after winning Super Bowl LIV, gives a definitive answer when asked if he'll attend a Super Bowl celebration at the White House with President Trump. (photo: AP)

8am hour -- Iowa irony for Democrats who fail to compile caucus results at the end of the night, KVI caller points out the options for local prosecutors to get serious about repeat criminals (especially repeat shoplifters), CNN interview with an Iowa caucus precinct captain trying to report the caucus results by phone.

Shhh, don't tell Greta Thunberg about this story, 21st Century Politics: Presidential campaigns in Iowa used dating apps to recruit guys to caucus for their candidates, KC Chiefs head coach is asked if he'll attend White House team gathering with Trump, KVI caller compares Seattle's decline with crime to Aberdeen WA decline due to economic changes and crime, a mother of a young man who escaped harm right next to the woman that was shot and killed at the downtown Seattle 3rd & Pine shooting (nearly 2 weeks ago) sounds off on Seattle's crime problems and repeat offenders, Bernie Sanders national campaign co-chair, Nina Turner.

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