CarlsonCast Feb5--8am hour

Pelosi tears up SOTU PIXLR.jpg
Ron Burgandy's reaction to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after last night's State of The Union address: "You stay classy, San Francisco." (photo: Fox News screen grab)

8am hour -- musical accompaniment to last night's State of The Union final lines by Trump, impeachment acquittal vote this afternoon and two Democrats appear ready to acquit, Joe Biden's path to the White House gets tougher after initial Iowa caucus results, well known Democratic strategist confronts everything that went wrong with Iowa caucus (and calls for DNC chair to resign), how Britain's political election back in December should be a warning signal to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

US Rep. AOC complains that Trump's agenda is giving things away to people (let that irony and/or hypocrisy set in for a moment)

the SOTU surprise moment for an 8 year old girl and her mother sitting in the House gallery, a 100-year-old WWII/Korean War Brigadier General and his great grandson are both honored at last night's SOTU speech, Rush Limbaugh awarded Medal of Freedom by Trump.

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