CarlsonCast Feb6--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson interviews a research author who has discovered how much money 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have amassed with the benefit of the political careers and connections. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are topping this author's list. (photo: AP file photo)

7am hour -- GUEST: author and investigative writer, Peter Schweizer, talks about his newest book "Profiles in Corruption"; Schweizer talks about "the Trump vortex" and the corruption of progressives who are demanding far more power than Republicans or Democrats have demanded in the past, if progressives want that much power in the future what are they doing now to deserve so much more power? The hypocrisy of how Bernie Sanders acquires money while he rails against the rich (example: a loophole involving public speaking appearances by Sanders).

Pres. Trump voices veiled criticism of Speaker Pelosi praying for him while both attend the National Prayer Breakfast this morning, two State Senators go back and forth on tangible car tab tax relief GUEST: St. Sen. Steve O'Ban wants to provide some tax payer relief on car tabs in WA and allow Pierce County voters to opt out of Sound Transit.

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