CarlsonCast Feb6--8am hour

Today at the National Prayer Breakfast, Pres. Trump clapped back at Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she famously mocked him, in the picture seen here, during the 2019 State of The Union speech. KVI's John Carlson scrutinizes Trump's new comment related to Pelosi's claim that she prays often for Trump. (photo: AP file photo)

8am hour -- Trump throws heavy shade at both Speaker Pelosi and Senator Romney in this morning's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, charging papers finally explain the downtown Seattle 3rd & Pine fatal shooting, why the accusations against the last two suspects underscore how Seattle political officials get it wrong about gun laws and relative enforcement.

NBC reports a whopper about Democrats' complaints on the impeachment acquittal, Replay: Peter Schweizer's interview about the "progressive" 2020 Presidential candidates and how they're leveraging their political careers for personal and family financial gains. Lastly, Seattle Times coverage of people who have quit venturing in to Seattle because of the crime and public safety problems, they quit going to Seattle for 'stay-cations' 5 yrs ago, the need for Seattle officials to get serious about prosecuting drug crimes, one person even stopped buying a Seattle Art Museum pass because of the problems along 1st Avenue (south of Pike Place Market).

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