CarlsonCast Feb7--8am hour

Flood waters from the White River bordering SR-410 block the highway with mud and debris near Greenwater WA after a week of continuing rain. Photo: WSDOT

8am hour -- brand new report about how much rain Seattle area has received so far in 2020 and still a long way away from being the #1 most rainy start of a calendar year,

Nisqually River flooding overnight forces mandatory evacuations, a 34 yr old Chinese doctor who warned about Corona Virus concerns (and was punished for voicing those concerns) has died and the cause is unknown, concerns about accurate reporting of Corona Virus death/infection statistics.

New Twitter Game: "Word Salad Or Legit Political Analysis???"

stats show crime is going down in Federal (don't call it Felony) Way WA, new statewide polling data shows Gov. Jay Inslee's re-election chances are shaky, girlfriend charged in sneaking two Seattle downtown fatal shooting suspects out of city to Las Vegas (where they were arrested).

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