CarlsonCast Jan10--6am hour

Congressional Democrats are trying to capitalize on Pres. Trump's decision to launch a fatal drone strike on the Iranian Quds Force Maj. General Qassem Soleimani (pictured her during a memorial in Iran){ } on Jan. 2, 2020. KVI's John Carlson assess the latest reactions from some Democrats and Pres. Trump. (photo: AP)

6am hour -- now both WSU and UW will have new football coaches in 2020, Seattle Congresswoman says Trump "recklessly assassinated" Iranian general,

Trump tells OH rally that if he notified Congressional Democrats about drone strike they would have leaked it to news media, would Seattle Congresswoman call the Osama Bin Laden killing by Navy SEALS an "assassination"?

KVI caller responds to Democrats calling US drone strike an "assassination", GUEST: Brian The Movie Guy reviews new WWI drama "1917" and its incredible photography, snow predictions in the next few days for Western WA, Middle Eastern analyst (on CNN) praises Trump for handling of drone strike and Iran tensions in the last week, KVI's Lars Larson points out the important salary/wage news in the latest jobs report released this morning (oh and check out these pay raises for managers at one fast food chain).

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