CarlsonCast Jan10--8am hour

washington legislature_senate_chamber Pinterest.jpg
KVI's John Carlson suggests what should happen with the status of a State Rep. from the Spokane Valley, Matt Shea, and whether or not he will remain as an elected official after an investigation into ties with right wing groups. (photo: WikiCommons)

8am hour -- WA State Legislature convenes in Olympia starting Monday: what should happen with St. Rep. Matt Shea?, the 1934 case of an expelled state lawmaker is a good road map for what to do in 2020, Seattle City Council woman endorses white male for President

Seahawks could be playing in a snow bowl on Sunday at Green Bay, KVI callers sound off on the St. Rep. Matt Shea situation in the Legislature, KVI's Kirby Wilbur calls the show to clarify a mis-conception that a caller just made about the House Republican Leader and a recent floor vote on Sanctuary status.

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