CarlsonCast Jan14--6am hour

Comic actor Vince Vaughn triggers snowflakes when he's seen in a New Orleans Super Dome luxury booth speaking to President Trump during last night's NCAA football national championship game between Louisiana State (LSU) and Clemson. (photo: ABC News)

6am hour -- a Hollywood comic actor is the new public enemy #1 for the anti-Trump (TDS) left-wing, LSU and Clemson crowd cheers loudly for Trump when introduced at football title game last night, WaPo political writer says lots of Democrats were privately against Speaker Pelosi's delay tactic was a bad idea, 30 car wreck on slick/icy Hwy 520 floating bridge near Bellevue SR Highway 2 over Stevens Pass is still closed, could better tree management have prevented Highway 2's closure the last two days and prevented such a prolonged shutdown?

Anti-Semitic couple in Jersey City NJ fatal shooting at kosher market had a massive bomb ready to detonate according to new police investigation, Iran's state run news anchor has resigned and apologized for lying to viewers for 13 years, is this news anchor admission the sign of a deeper change in Iran? KVI's Lars Larson invokes the Elian Gonzalez story in conjunction with a new state law in effect regarding teenagers and parental notification for several medical conditions/treatments.

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