CarlsonCast Jan15--7am hour

Seattle resident, Ken Jennings (right), wins the Jeopardy! Greatest Of All Time contest. Jennings congratulated by{ } host Alex Trebek in this KOMO 4 screen grab.{ }{ }

7am hour -- a KVI homage to Bernie Sanders after last night's big debate moment about the handshake snub, live press conference with Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the articles of impeachment and the impeachment managers, we're bummed to find out Rep. AOC won't be an impeachment manager (apparently being a bartender only gets you so far), Cory Booker decries lack of diversity in remaining Democratic presidential candidates, a now disputed 2018 meeting between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders dominated last night's Democratic Presidential debate, a CNN panelist completely ignores Sanders answer about the disputed 2018 meeting with Warren, Ken Jennings emerges as Jeopardy! super champion with third win in 'greatest of all time' contest.

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