CarlsonCast Jan15--8am hour

KOMO News reporter Matt Markovich discovers the reasons why many homeless people refuse to go to shelters when it snows and the temperatures are icy: At the homeless camp Cloverleaf, where Interstate 5 meets Interstate 90, portable generators provide heat and lights for some who live in tents. But most residents at the camp are out in the cold. A camp resident named Tommy said he would rather stay at the camp then go to a shelter because all of his belongings are at the camp. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- Speaker Pelosi says she wants litigators as her impeachment managers, GUEST: KOMO's Abby Acone explains why overnight snow fall stayed north and never reached Bellevue/Seattle, debate vs. Trump Milwaukee montage, why some homeless people refuse to go to shelters when snow blankets our region and temperatures plunge below freezing. LIVE coverage of Trump announcing 'phase 1' of new China trade deal, a Kitsap County ambulance/medic crew helps get a pregnant couple off a snowy road in Silverdale so the baby can be born at the hospital instead of Hwy 303.

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