CarlsonCast Jan16--7am hour

Democrats in the Washington Legislature are advocating a "low carbon fuel standard" which is another name for a gas tax. KVI substitute host, David Boze, interviews the spokeswoman from the local group Affordable Fuel Washington about the political issue being introduced again in the Olympia Legislature. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- David Boze in for John Carlson: GUEST: Dr. Sara Bartell criticizes new proposed public school sexual education curriculum that she feels is too inappropriate and invasive for elementary school ages, the proposed curriculum will be debated this week in the WA Legislature, a new plot twist for the impeachment proceedings,

GUEST: Affordable Fuel WA, spokeswoman , Dana Bieber, talks about the State Legislature debating a new version of a gas tax hike being billed as a "Low Carbon Fuel Standard", the LCFS would be another regressive tax, why California's example of this LCFS tax should prompt WA to avoid the same mistake, won't meet state policy goals regarding carbon emissions, if it doesn't work in CA (the 5th largest economy in the world) why do Democrats think it will work in WA?

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