CarlsonCast Jan16--8am hour

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The Washington State Supreme Court rules against Gov. Jay Inslee after he unilaterally imposed rules on his climate agenda that the state legislature decided not to pass. (AP File{ } Photo/Ted S. Warren)

8am Twitter -- David Boze in for John Carlson: Seattle's socialist/Marxist city council woman's new push for an 'anti-Amazon' tax, State Senate quickly passes a statewide plastic grocery bag ban, evaluating the left-wing criticism of Pres. Trump's comments earlier this week about energy efficient light bulbs and dishwashers, the hot-mic moment between Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders,

breaking news: WA St. Supreme Court rules that Gov. Jay Inslee violated rules when he unilaterally imposed a portion of his cap-and-trade plan that the Legislature didn't pass,

GUEST: Washington Policy Center's governmental reform director, Jason Mercier, talks about hot Legislative issues in Olympia like the pursuit of a capital gains tax and adds this political nugget: the WA State Senate didn't have time to debate amendments on a bill that would ban plastic grocery bags statewide but they did have time to pass two bills on an official state dinosaur and an official state clam. Why San Francisco is the Bill Clinton of cities.

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