CarlsonCast Jan2--6am hour

Tumbleweeds and high winds buried several cars--including one semi-truck--near Richland, WA on State Route 240 along the Columbia River. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour--David Boze in for John Carlson...New Year's fireworks canceled at Seattle Space Needle but not in Tacoma according to David, CNN's New Year's Eve coverage was pretty sad, cars (and a semi-truck, too) are buried by tumbleweeds outside Richland WA (SR 240), BREAKING: presidential candidate Julian Castro ends his 2020 campaign polling at only 1.2%,

GUEST -- ABC News reporter Jim Ryan covers story of Idaho mom investigated for disappearance of her two underage children, the story evokes memories of Bellevue WA case of toddler Sky Metawala and the suspicions about his mother Julia Burikova, a news columnist stereotypes the six Ft. Worth TX church congregants who drew firearms on the attacker who fired a shotgun killing two in the sanctuary before being fatally shot, KVI's Lars Larson tees off on the Trump critics wondering if US embassy attack in Baghdad, Iraq will turn into a 'Benghazi'.

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