CarlsonCast Jan2--8am hour

Seattle income tax Sawant lemmings KOMO137.jpg
KOMO News reports that Seattle City Council woman, Kshama Sawant, is continuing to pursue a city income tax on high income earners. KVI's David Boze points out some arguments against such a tax (beyond the point that such a tax is prohibited by the State Constitution).{ } (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- what, exactly, does Auld Lang Syne actually mean?, Seattle politicians renew push to tax big business and Amazon after last year's backlash by iron worker and construction union members, the possibility of a Seattle income tax despite judicial rulings (and the state constitution) against it, remember Spokane voters just voted to ban an income tax, Skagit Co. sues state over sustainable tree harvesting reductions, NYC mayor slams Domino's pizza for charging $30 a pizza on New Year's Eve in Times Square,

state minimum wage is going up for 2020, minimum wage increase is prompting one Bellingham WA child care location to shutdown, a report on how global extreme poverty went down in the last decade, Pope Francis scolds woman with a slap on the hand as she grabbed him at crowded barricade line.

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