CarlsonCast Jan28--6am hour

Seattle shooting suspects are still on the loose five days after a verbal dispute turned into a gun battle on the street corner and a fatal shooting at 3rd and Pine Street. Marquise Tolbert (left) and William Tolliver (right) are wanted by police for their alleged role in the shooting. (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- Corona virus in China is spreading a lot, Democrats keep several radical bills alive in Olympia Legislature, Seattle 3rd and Pine fatal shooting suspect's mom makes a 2nd plea for son to turn himself in to police, says other suspect is bad influence on her son, new wearable technology could help prevent drownings, why Republicans shouldn't be worried about new book by John Bolton, GUEST: Washington Policy Center's Mariya Frost examines two options for car tab tax relief and the continuing resistance to congestion relief by State DOT officials.

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