CarlsonCast Jan28--7am hour

washington legislature_senate_chamber Pinterest.jpg
KVI's John Carlson interviews former Federal Way St. Senator, Mark Miloscia, about a controversial Legislative bill that would extend sexual education teaching to Kindergartners in Washington. The bill is being sponsored and advanced by Democrats in the Washington Legislature in Olympia. (photo: wikicommons)

7am hour -- impeachment talk, TX Sen. Ted Cruz calls out House Democrats who are saying Hunter Biden did nothing wrong with Burisma, the potential for the Bidens to be subpeonaed to testify if John Bolton is called to testify, on Day 2 of Trump defense Alan Dershowitz addresses the quid pro quo impeachment criteria, TX Sen. Ted Cruz digs into the House Democrats defense of Hunter Biden, Idaho mom ordered by judge to bring 2 missing children to court this week who have been missing for four months, Seattle's mayor and police chief promote new 'mobile' precinct after last week's two fatal shootings on Pine Street,

7:35 GUEST: former St. Senator Mark Miloscia is worried about an expansive sexual education bill for kindergarteners being pushed by Legislative Democrats in Olympia, the bill is raising a lot of questions about usurping parental control.

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