CarlsonCast Jan29--6am hour

Concerned residents and business owners in downtown Seattle garther for a public meeting in Westlake Park hosted by the Downtown Seattle Association to demand better public safety from city and county officials after a mass shooting left one dead and seven injured at 3rd and Pine Street. (photo: MEGAN CAMPBELL | PSBJ)

6am hour -- Seattle residents vent their anger to Seattle City Council about on-going repeat criminal and crime problems, a King County Council member declares more at-risk youth programs could have prevented last week's fatal shooting at 3rd and Pine, today marks 1 week since the gun battle killed a Seattle woman and wounded six by-standers, three Democratic US Senators showing signs of acquitting Trump on impeachment, Trump NJ rally/speech sold out and people were lined up outside in the cold to watch video screen coverage of it.

Don Lemon lame apology after segment yesterday goes off the rails mocking and stereotyping Trump and Trump voters as "Boomer rubes", Republicans are using Don Lemon's laughing segment in a new political TV ad.

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