CarlsonCast Jan29--8am hour


A dangerous Seattle homeless encampment linked to a major drug crime investigation is in the process of being shut down. Drivers see it every day at the on and off ramps for Interstate 5 near South Dearborn Street. It's so littered with tents and debris it could take days to get it cleaned up, and for campers who want it, get them into a shelter. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- Where's the MSM after we have a fourth Bernie Sanders campaign worker caught on undercover cams praising “re-education” gulags, violent revolution, and anarcho-communism?

CNN's Don Lemon offers lame & nonsensical apology after continuous laughter at guest's stereotype sarcasm about Trump and Trump voters, listener email warns Carlson about his desire to see Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination to face Trump in the general election, Seattle's homeless navigation team sweeps out an unsanctioned homeless camp near I-5 and I-90 interchange where a large drug bust occurred last week, KVI callers answer the question from the listener e-mail earlier this hour: which candidate do you want running against Trump this fall?

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