CarlsonCast Jan30--6am hour

KVI's John Carlson discuss the newest revelation in the Trump impeachment saga involving his former National Security Advisor, John Bolton (right), and what Bolton said just over five months ago in a Radio Free Europe TV interview about Ukraine. (file photo: AP)

6am hour -- which will happen first: Senate impeachment trial ends or two Seattle downtown shooting suspects (from last week) get arrested?

Trump's former NSA John Bolton said on TV in August 2019 that Trump's Ukraine phone call was "warm and cordial" which would contradict what Democrats are saying about leaked portions of his new book, why the Senate phase of impeachment might be over before the SuperBowl kicks off Sunday, Seattle news journalist/columnist decries local bus etiquette, the complaint sparks a story from Carlson about liberal vs. conservative cities/voting demographics,

metal pole nearly disfigures Federal Way driver/car, property taxes for King County would jump if voters approve a proposed $1.7 billion upgrade to Harborview Hospital in Seattle,

KVI's Lars Larson reveals story about new lawsuit being filed against Seattle-based law firm and Democratic Party by Trump campaign official (Carter Page) surveilled by FISA warrant.

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