CarlsonCast Jan30--8am hour

Seattle 3rd Ave McDonalds fatal 2 Pine St PIXLR.jpg
John Carlson's guest, writer and documentary film maker, Chris Rufo, talks about the fall-out from last week's gun battle at 3rd and Pine that turned fatal and wounded 6 by-standers. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- a State Senator was listening to last hour's interview about CO2 pollution and raising the gas tax, another KVI caller suggests a documented carbon reduction criteria before allowing this HB 1110 increase on gasoline/diesel fuels is allowed to continue, a member of The Squad (Congressional Democrats) tweets about housing as a human right, a pregnant British actress says she won't raise her child in the US because of racism and guns.

GUEST: Seattle political news columnist and documentary filmmaker, Chris Rufo, talks about repeat offender crime problems, the 3rd and Pine shooting and Seattle bail reform/cash bail system.

The new John Bolton August 2019 TV interview clip is shifting the debate about impeachment trial witnesses in the US Senate.

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