CarlsonCast Jan7--7am hour

A Trump/Pence campaign yard sign, similar to this version, in Bremerton WA is prompting one home owner to re-evaluate his principals despite not supporting Pres. Trump. KVI's John Carlson interviews homeowner Kevin Chambers about why he's keeping the Trump/Pence sign in his yard even though he says he doesn't like Trump.{ }

7am hour -- a new report details the last days of Iranian Quds Force general Qassem Suleimani including his meeting with Iraqi militia leaders/allies in Baghdad, two Obama-era US Generals are applauding drone strike that killed Suleimani, why Trump should maintain Twitter silence on Suleimani,

GUEST: Bremerton resident pranked by friend with Trump/Pence sign, Kevin Chambers, talks about what happened after social media posts vowed to vandalize the sign or his house for it being posted in the first place.

A story from tolerant Seattle mocking the death of a father and 9-year-old daughter killed in a hunting accident, how the Seattle woman involved is desperately trying to hide her connections to a Seattle restaurant.

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