CarlsonCast Jan8--7am hour

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Former KVI talk show host and Gulf War/Iraq War veteran, Bryan Suits, talks to KVI's John Carlson about last night's retaliatory missile strike on US forces in Iraq and why the 15 missiles damaged so little at two air bases.{ }

7am hour -- GUEST: former KVI morning show host now at KFI in Los Angeles and podcast host of "Dark Secret Place", he's not California compliant, Bryan Suits. Oh and did we say he's a Gulf War and Iraq War veteran? Suits explains how he first heard of Iranian General Soleimani when he was deployed in Iraq in 2004 and 2005, how Soleimani wore out his welcome in Syria after coordinating fight against Islamic State, why Soleimani is not universally revered in Iran.

Seattle brainiac and trivia whiz Ken Jennings eeks out first night victory in Jeopardy All-Time Greatest contest, Elizabeth Warren resists answering about terrorist designation for dead Iranian Quds Force general, a KVI caller who served in Iraq and was wounded to the point of disability by an IED talks about his personal relief hearing that Iranian Quds Force general was killed by US drone strike.

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