CarlsonCast Jan8--8am hour

President Donald Trump addresses the nation from the White House on the ballistic missile strike that Iran launched against Iraqi air bases housing U.S. troops, Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

8am hour -- snow is predicted tomorrow above 500 feet in Western WA and a chance of snow at sea-level now predicted for next Monday and Tuesday, CNN settles defamation lawsuit brought by Covington HS (Ohio) student for their coverage of MAGA hat confrontation with drummer that went viral in 2018,

Finland 's new Prime Minister wants 6 hour a day, 4 day work week.

Iran's President vows to kick all US forces out of the Iraq region,

LIVE COVERAGE: President Trump speaks about Iran tensions and last night's Iranian retaliatory missile strike on US military ops at two bases in Iraq, Trump lays out a preliminary case for why killing Iranian General (Soleimani) was urgent/necessary, after Trump's comments on Iran this morning the State of the Union (and KVI's Steak of the Union) is shaping up to be a massive event.

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