CarlsonCast Jan9--6am hour

Today is Day 21 since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., declined to transmit articles of impeachment on Pres. Trump after the House voted to approve them.{ }. (AP file photo: J. Scott Applewhite)

6am hour -- Day 21 since Speaker Pelosi refused to send articles of impeachment to Senate, Sen. Mitch McConnell says he won't haggle over witnesses at Senate Trump trial, CNN host bluntly asks partisan CA Congressman "what world do you live in?" while discussing Trump impeachment process, Trump announces legal court (appeal) ruling that green lights border wall construction

CA Democratic Senator tells Pelosi if impeachment is urgent send over articles (and if it's not urgent, then don't send them)

6:34am -- GUEST: aviation industry analyst with the Leeham Group, Scott Hamilton, assess the fatal Turkish Airlines crash moments after take off from Tehran, Iran; the abrupt end of airplane data when the plan was still at 7000+ feet altitude, despite this clue and no may day cockpit calls Hamilton says there are still too many unanswered question about the jet crash of the Boeing plane that killed all 176 on board.

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