CarlsonCast Jan9--7am hour

Screen grab of hoax text message people have been receiving this week telling them they've been drafted by the US military and must report to a location or face jail time. (screen grab)

7am hour -- GUEST: director of the Selective Service System, Don Benton, talks about the recent hoax over a US military draft, ICYMI the KVI caller who cried (and why he cried) when he heard Iranian Quds Force general was killed by US drone strike, Republican Senator vents frustration after hearing the classified briefing from Trump officials about justification for US drone strike on Iranian general, Bernie Sanders arrives in Seattle today, why a Bernie Sanders nomination for President would be the best opponent for Trump to win re-election, Senate Majority Leader says he won't haggle on impeachment witnesses, and more Senate Democrats are urging Speaker Pelosi to end her now 21 day refusal to transmit articles of impeachment.

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