CarlsonCast Jul30--7am hour

Blue Angels pyramid formation KOMO E.jpg
KVI's John Carlson interviews the "airboss" of the 2019 Boeing Seafair Air Show with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. Owen Ashurst is a hired airboss (from San Diego) which is a requirement for FAA to have a person with knowledge of Airport/Airspace to make everything legal and safe for any airshow in the USA. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- a visual daily double about the Seattle arrest of a major credit card company's account hacking, the Capitol One CEO's written response to this massive hacking, a former Redmond WA mayor passed away but her real legacy is a charity called Hopelink,

still no date for tolling start on Seattle's new tunnel, investigative reporter calls out Bernie Sanders's grandstanding, GUEST: the SeaFair Blue Angels air show airboss, Owen Ashurst, why Seward Park will be one of the best places to watch The Blue Angels this year, why I-90 bridge traffic will NOT be shut down this year for Blue Angels performance, how you can see The Blues closer than ever before at Museum of Flight, still no clear answers about motive of 19-year-old male who killed 3 and wounded 15 at California food and music festival concert.

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