CarlsonCast July1--8am hour

I-1648 petition PIXLR.png
I-1648 would force a vote to repeal 11{ } taxes recently increased by Washington Governor Jay Inslee. KVI's John Carlson explains that there's only 4 days left to sign the petition and acquire enough signatures to make the November 5, 2019 general election ballot in Washington.{ }

8am hour -- Trump's latest zinger about CNN's Jim Acosta, Trump's symbolic steps into North Korean territory at the DMZ, why Kim Jong Un rarely leaves North Korea, some irony as fringe protesters interrupt the SF Pride parade, a KVI caller perfectly encapsulates the idiotic irony of WA's new gun law prosecuting gun owners yet convicted rapists who are an illegal alien don't get deported, some illuminating new poll data shows how little America actually seems to know about gay people, Friday is the deadline to sign I-1648 which would put up for vote an expiration date on 11 tax increases signed by Gov. Jay Inslee (for info on how to sign the petition call the I-1648 organizer at 509-797-7666).

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