CarlsonCast July10--6am hour

The latest chapter in the "Seattle Is Dying" saga of crime and homeless/drug addiction problems is a triple-stabbing outside the downtown Nordstrom store. The suspect was arrested after stabbing three people--one of whom is still in critical condition. KVI's John Carlson examines the suspect's 10-year history of mental health problems and repeat criminal cases. (photo: ABC News)

6am hour -- the jaded "I told ya so" reaction to a triple-stabbing at an iconic Seattle location, the stabbing suspect's 10-year history of mental health and crime problems, the Seattle mayor's feeble comment about lack of money to stop city's crime/drug problems, a KVI caller talks about the impact on Seattle tourism as this stabbing story goes national, several Seattle city council candidates sound off about the need for greater public safety as personified in Nordstrom stabbing yesterday,

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