CarlsonCast July10--8am hour

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing the US Navy over jet training flights on Whidbey Island. KVI's John Carlson wonders why Ferguson is going to court on behalf of Whidbey Island residents demanding accountability from government yet he ignores similar legal circumstances across Washington involving sanctuary protections for illegal aliens and King County voters who fulfilled a petition process to vote on supervised heroin injection sites. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- what will the NW wildfire alarmists do about all this July rain?, the triple stabbing outside Seattle Nordstrom store arrives just a few days before primary ballots on the city council races go to voters, hypocrite WA A.G. Bob Ferguson sues the US Navy over training flights on Whidbey Island, the leading voice to impeach Trump announces he's now a Presidential candidate, what happened to Howard Schultz's presidential campaign?

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