CarlsonCast July2--6am hour

Former NFL QB, Colin Kaepernick, reportedly told Nike to halt the sale of this sneaker with a Betsy Ross (13 star) flag on it. KVI's John Carlson digs into the latest controversy involving the NFL player who refused to stand for the national anthem as a protest to police brutality.{ }

6am hour -- UW Huskies cut their sports gear contract with Nike at exactly the right time, Nike's Betsy Ross Flag shoe fiasco involving QB turned activist Colin Kaepernick, AZ governor tees off on Nike for flag/shoe controversy, USA vs. England today in World Cup semi-final battle,

GUEST: Oregon State Senator Herman Baertschiger explains the political strategy that instigated collapse of cap-and-trade climate change bill, fixed income people and Democrats didn't tell them,

GUEST: I-1648 petition organizer says check out this website to sign the petition before July 5th to force a vote over the expiration of 11 taxes just increased by Gov. Jay Inslee, to sign the I-1648 petition

the Portland mayor's shameful reaction to the attack and beating of video journalist Andy Ngo, the utter lawlessness of Anti-Fa in Portland.

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