CarlsonCast July9--8am hour

An internet meme roasts Speaker Nancy Pelosi about border security and illegal immigration issues with the phrase "We want open borders because Americans don't vote for us anymore."

8am -- the sickening story of an arson-turned-murder killing a mom and 3 children in Port Angeles, the psycho accused killer wrote about the murder plot in a journal according to Clallam Co. Prosecutor, should convicted child killers get the death penalty?, Beatles music trivia, potential thunderstorms tomorrow across Puget Sound, a US Congresswoman reportedly sends staff to coach illegals on how to get into the US, Obama's DHS says Democrats are turning into open border proponents for decriminalizing illegal entry into the US, the legacy of Ross Perot who died today at 89 and his connection to Trump, a west coast restaurant ownership group says $15 minimum wage contributed to their bankruptcy filing.

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