CarlsonCast June10--6am hour

Mexico deal avoids tariff FNC PIXLR.jpg
This Fox News Channel screen grab shows the key points of a U.S. agreement with Mexico to avoid a 5% tariff on Mexican produced goods entering the U.S. In exchange for dropping the tariff threatened by Pres. Donald Trump, Mexico agrees to increase enforcement against illegal aliens in Mexico and from other central American countries crossing into the U.S. (photo: Fox News screen grab)

6am hour -- David Boze in for John Carlson: a musical opening to the show prompts a debate about Jimmy Buffett, another fire at a Seattle homeless camp underneath the busiest freeway interchange in the state, Mexico tariff avoided at last minute in exchange for crack down on illegal alien flow through Mexico, a US border agent saves a Guatemalan woman and child from bee attack at US border, tariff twist from China with fake "made in Vietnam" labels, the shape of an Arizona building from above is a swastika so should the building be torn down?, Bremerton bans plastic grocery bags (and its part of the 'feel better now' agenda, ) Trump's negotiation to avoid Mexico tariff brings up good question about what constitutes a free trader.

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