CarlsonCast June10--7am hour

KVI's David Boze listens to a long-shot 2020 Presidential candidate compare himself and the other 20+ Democrats in the race to the movie/comic superheroes The Avengers as they run against Trump. (photo: AP){ }

7am hour -- David Boze in for John Carlson: $500 in free gasoline contest keyword, new poll on Trump economy shows 45% still disapprove of Trump, so what does it take for those 45% to think an economy is strong??, a 1% polling Democrat 2020 candidate compares all the Democrats to The Avengers comic/movie super heroes, why do all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates avoid talking about homelessness problems (especially candidates from the West Coast)?, a surprising Congressional alliance to police politicians who switch to the lobbying world, 64 yr old man shoots two burglars inside his home will be charged not for the deaths but for technicalities on how he got the gun, a Washington politician investigated for creating new government job for himself.

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