CarlsonCast June10--8am hour

Seattle homeless I-5 Greenlake camp.JPG
A homeless camp along I-5 bordering the Greenlake neighborhood in Seattle.{ }(photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- David Carlson in for John Boze. Wait. Revise that. Sunny stretch with a temperature spike this week, public opinion on abortion Washington Legislature, the power of public opinion, TNT story Sunday headline bait about Trump and abortion, mug shot review on the 8 alleged white supremacists who attacked a black DJ at an Edmonds/Lynnwood bar, a public records legal case involving a Democratic WA Legislator is going to the state Supreme Court raising questions about government secrecy and transparency, the secrecy involves an embarrasing report about the behavior of a (Democratic) state lawmaker, etiquette of homeless camp maintenance in Seattle Times story, how a cleaner homeless camp usually avoids sweep/clear out order,

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