CarlsonCast June11--7am hour

The former home of The Korean Central Baptist Church in Seattle's{ } Georgetown neighborhood is slated to be the home of a new "sobering center". The immediate future of King County‚Äôs Sobering Center is uncertain after a lawsuit has been filed in an attempt to require the City of Seattle to conduct an environmental review of its new Georgetown location. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour --David Boze in for John Carlson: 180 CEOs pay for full page NYTimes ad bout banning abortion, Alabama governor authorizes chemical castration for some sex-offenders seeking probation, Amazon donates another $5 million for homelessness in Seattle,

a Battleground WA great-grandma is skydiving to raise money for US military vets, opiod abuse now linked with alcohol abuse per CDC, Seattle's Georgetown neighbors are upset with the city's plan to relocate a 'sobering center' into the neighborhood, Congressional pay raise requested by AOC, a KVI caller who lives near proposed Seattle 'sobering center' calls the show.

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